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IT managers cut back on security despite a rise in cyber attacks

Stocks climbed yesterday as traders awaited some key earnings and tomorrow’s Fed minutes for some direction. Fed officials are determined to get a summer off, choosing to be reactive rather than proactive, forgetting how that worked for them a few years ago. Just nod if you can hear me. FOMC members are out front and…

A Quick Primer on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)-Driven Investments

In 2008, researcher Alexander Dahlsrud examined 37 different definitions of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)1 . That was 15 years ago, and you probably may not be surprised to learn that there is still not 1 overarching, accepted definition. Of Dahlsrud’s 37 definitions, one of my favorites is “CSR is the voluntary assumption by companies of…

Cats are amazingly agile, but they are not immortal

Stocks sprinted into Fridays close thrusting the Dow to just a nose ahead of 40,000 with very little news to backfill the jump. The Conference Board’s Leading Economic Index pulled back more than expected in May… it’s up to the Fed whether that is good or bad. Nine lives. Did you know that the concept…

They can make you or they can break you, those nerdy bankers

Stocks slipped yesterday after the Dow could not hold on to its much-discussed 40k level as Fed bankers did everything they could to break the bulls’ will to survive. Industrial Production was flat in April – you may not care, but it is trending down which is bad for growth – which you do care…

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